Comics Are The Foundation For Adventure Literature

Comics Are The Foundation For Adventure Literature

For as long as there has been pimply teenage kids dreaming of a better life outside of suburbia, comics have been providing the action and adventure they crave. Even with the creation of television, many of the action programs created were derived from comic books.

While the tended to mix the science fiction, horror and adventure genres, comic books started the a revolution in adventure literature. No longer did you have to suffer through long winded paragraphs describing action. You had panels with pictures and little text bubbles letting you know what was going on.

The primary problem with adventure literature before comics was their inability to flow. Action was described in too much detail and you ended up rereading paragraphs over and over again or completely glanced over so you weren’t really sure what was going on.

Comics provided pictures, so you saw when Batman, Superman or even some of the great detective characters were battling the bad guy. Comic books mare adventure stories readable to the average Joe who maybe didn’t have the education or the ability to take on the more in-depth novels.

It was because of this tendency that comics quickly became associated with children. When the comic book code was enacted, it only reinforced the idea that comic books are for kids. Thankfully, those kids never tired of them and grew up to become the writers and buyers of today’s comics. There is a century of history behind comic books and it is tightly would around the idea of the adventure story.