James Bond: The Ultimate Spy

James Bond: The Ultimate Spy

I don’t think when Ian Fleming decided to turn some of his counter intelligence experience into novels, he thought that his character would become the ultimate expression for the suave and debonair superspy.

Bond has humble roots. Fleming chose the name from American bird watcher James Bond because it was the most boring name had ever seen. Bond was never meant to be flamboyant, but a blunt instrument used by the British government.

It wasn’t Bond that was interesting, but the events that happened to him. He was an ordinary man that had extraordinary things happen to him. When Sean Connery turned this man into life, his image changed considerable. While Bond was always supposed to be handsome, Connery upped it to legendary levels.

The character James Bond was the culmination of the many spies and commandos that Fleming dealt with in the Naval Intelligence Division. His mannerisms, quirks and personality traits were taken from those many individuals including his brother.

Bond’s physical tastes were all Fleming. While he couldn’t turn himself into the legendary spy, he did give Bond his love of golf, scrambled eggs and gambling. One thing Bond was always good at was taking risks.

When Connery made the spy world famous, Fleming changed him around a bit to more fit the public persona including a Scottish ancestry. After Fleming’s death, several other writers took up the Bond banner through the years, but no one has been able to create a more truer picture of Bond than the man that created him.