October 2010

Fablehaven Book 4: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Once again, the only word I can think of after reading my latest Fablehaven book (I say my latest since it’s not the latest in the series; that one—the final book!—is next) is a resounding, awed, fairystruck wow.

Mr. Mull, you completely got me! I cannot believe we didn’t see that one coming—though your hints were mostly subtle up until later in this book. Like Kendra, I’m just heartbroken—but still pretty darn amazed. (Spoilers ahead.)

Fablehaven Book 2: Rise of the Evening Star

After eagerly awaiting Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star from the library’s waiting list, I devoured it as quickly as I’d done with the previous book—not in one setting (I’m a mother, after all!) but in one day. On the one hand, I love the rush and the adventure so much that I can almost feel the wind on my face, the sword in my hand, the fear in my throat—but on the other, I do wish I wouldn’t rush the adventure so quickly and savor it instead to make the joy last just that much longer.

Yes. I’m officially a Fablehaven addict. I even called my sister to rave about it, which is something we reserve for books that we only love more than, say, food, or breathing.


   Dominic Dickson,a girl of character with a heart of flesh.Dominic lived with her mom in pensylvania where she believed she will run away from her fears .But as we all know running away from your problems is not a way of solving them,they will still come after you if you dont face them.Dominic has always been treated fragile because of the curse that had been casted from generation to generation that after every 300 years, a girl would be born who whose tears would be deadly.This was to remain a secret.If her tears touched any human,he/she would transform into a teardrop and if someone made her cry,the person would die after 3 days if the magic tear filter is not found .The tear filter is hidden the biggest tomb in the world,Mistress Cassias'.She was Dominics greatest grand mother who put th