November 2010

The Lost Hero

After eagerly awaiting the first book of the sequel series to Percy Jackson, fans will be sure to appreciate Rick Riordan’s latest novel, The Lost Hero. Don’t expect to see much of our favorite trio (aside from Harry, Ron, and Hermione, of course)—though a small appearance will be made in this first book—but do expect to meet a new group of three who will be just as engaging, if not moreso, and facing just as many dangers as our original three heroes did in their first adventure. (Spoilers ahead!)

The Candy Shop War

Brandon Mull has done it again! Be prepared for a rowdy, rollicking adventure full of magic, mystery, good versus evil and a good dose of strange candy. Though you won’t find the same kinds of magic as we did in the world of Fablehaven (which I’m still mourning the loss of, and plan on purchasing for Christmas this year so I can revisit my friends), and much of the danger isn’t as scary (this does feel as if it’s for a younger audience, though there are definitely some perilous parts), it’s still a fast, fun read that will keep you guessing. I don’t really care what age group it’s intended for; evidence has proven six times now that if Brandon Mull is behind a book, it is entirely worth jumping into (spoilers ahead).