January 2011

Leven Thumps and the Whispered Secret

The story of the unlikely titular hero and his companions continues in Obert Skye’s sequel to Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo. In the second book of the series, we find Leven, Winter, Geth, and Clover in Foo and, despite a very brief respite, much more danger awaits them in the magical realm. (Clover, of course, maintains that magic doesn’t exist—but surely everything that occurs in Foo, from the shape-shifting clouds to the talking fires to all of the other incredible creatures are nothing short of magical!)

Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo

I’ve been steadily making my way through the plethora of new (or relatively new, rather) fantasy young adult fiction lately and I continue to be impressed. While many of the romance-driven pieces have left me wanting, the majority of the novels I’ve read have been delightful. Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo, written by Obert Skye, is no exception.

The Gateway to Foo is the first book in his Leven Thumps series. I haven’t read any of the others yet, but after Gateway I’m pretty excited to do so. It is both hilarious and scary, moving and ridiculous, filled with brand new concepts alongside tongue-in-cheek references to pop culture. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t find some enjoyment from this book.