May 2011

More Adventures for Girls, Please

There seem to be way too many adventure stories out there that are centered around boys. There is a pretty stupid rumor going around that it’s because boys won’t read other stories and since boys are the ones who enjoy adventures, mysteries, and magic, they are the ones in the stories. This, of course, is a load of crap; it seems the only real trend to tell if a child is going to enjoy reading or not is if his or her parents read to him or her regularly.

Christopher McCandless Lived an Inspired Life

Christopher McCandless lived an inspired life. Director, Sean Penn was inspired to create a movie about his life many years later. McCandless graduated from Emery College in 1990. He was 22 years old at the time. The book and movie “Into the Wild” is a chronicle of his life path that followed after graduating college. McCandless was outraged by his parents’ societal creed. He hated that they cared what the neighbors thought. He hated that they were judgmental and focused on money. So upon graduating, McCandless decided to do something drastic. He sent his life savings to charity. Then he took his car and drove out of Georgia, away from society… away from the normalcy of modern day life. He made it as far as the Mojave Desert, and then he abandoned his car when he found himself caught in a flash flood. He stripped it of the license plates and then burned his ID, social security card, most of his possessions and remaining money. He sought to travel as a lonely warrior.