September 2011

Choose Your Own Adventure Returns After Hiatus


How many people remember the Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) books? Growing up, I loved these books, because I was able to actually get into the plot. The decisions I made decided the fate of the characters.

Choose Your Own Adventure had their fingers in everything from Star Trek to Indiana Jones. It was one of the most popular book formats for kids available up until the late 1990s, when it just disappeared. CYOA was created by author Edward Packard and small print publishers R.A. Montgomery and eventually published by Bantam Books.

CYOA is back and ready for action once again. Montgomery created the company Chooseco LLC in 2002 and began selling the stories once again. The rights to the original stories have reverted back to Montgomery. The website not only sells the classics, but also a few new books crafted by Montgomery.


My children are avid readers, and I am getting them into the fun and excitement of CYOA. They are engrossed in undersea adventures, adventures in space and many more. It's not often that a father can get his children interested in the same things he grew up with. In a world ruled by Xbox and Playstation, it's nice that kids still like to read for the pure enjoyment of it.