October 2011

Book That Needs To Be Written: McGuyver

"I don't think anyone, but Richard Dean Anderson could ever play him."

When I was a kid, one of my favorite television shows was McGuyver. Richard Dean Anderson beat the bad guys every

 week using nothing, but some duct tape and cleaning supplies. He was like the professor from Gilligan's Island only much much cooler.

The show was on for years and spawned much fan fiction, but the show finally ended with McGuyver realizing he had a son. Yeah, not my favorite ending memory. Through the years, McGuyver has become a cult hit with spinoffs and parodies and a movie has been in the works forever. Odds are the movie would simply be a reboot and not involve Anderson who has semiretired from acting after the various Stargate series.

I would love to find out what ultimately happened to Mac. Did he end up with Pete's job and still working for the Phoenix Organization. Did he end up at the government or is he still living on the boat? If I had my way, and I never do, Mac would still be out there fighting the good fight and beating the bad guys with common household products.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 8

What happens to the Scooby gang after the fall of Sunnydale?

I'm sorry, but a high school girl with martial arts skills and a snarky sense of humor belongs in the adventure column

 regardless of whether she kicks vampire butt or not. I was one of the many people that was addicted to Josh Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer from season one and was seriously saddened when it ended after seven seasons.

I was in high school when Buffy first came on, and I grew right with her, Xander and Willow. I guess it had reached its natural conclusion because Buffy was all grown up and she saved the world...a lot. Still, when the curtain fell and the hell mouth closed, I still craved more. After a few years, it was obvious that there was never going to be a Buffy reunion show or movie.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is a married mom and is now headlining a new series, Alyson Hannigan has a steady gig as Lily on How I Met Your Mother and Nick Brendon....well, let's just hope he can stay out of rehab.

Don't Forget About Historical Adventures


Adventure is about more than just swashbuckling pirates and cave exploring archeologists. Sometimes reality can be

 just as adventurous as the larger than life heroes in fictional adventure books.

There are many books out there that detail the real life and adventures of explorers that helped to map the globe and discover the many places that we take for granted. While traveling across the United States may be a piece of cake now with all of our interstates and highways, but before there were roads there was only forests.

What Is The Definition Of Adventure

There are times when I have a hard time classifying exactly what is the adventure genre. We all enjoy the fast paced 

romps of Allan Quartermain, but honestly, many books that I have read in other genres were filled with adventure as well.

Does adventure only encompass those books that feature human adventurers going on a heroic journey or fighting to clear their name? Why can't a book featuring a werewolf main character fighting to save his family from hunters be considered adventure instead of horror. It seems that adventure can encompass most if not all genres of literature.

A swashbuckling romance filled with pirates and fair maidens in trouble, I would consider an adventure. A thrilling detective novel that has the sleuth following clue after clue until coming face to face with the evil mastermind is definitely an adventure.

Indiana Jones And The Action Scene


My first adventure novel was a trade paperback of Indiana Jones. Before that, I had never even considered the genre, 

because I was a bit of a purist. Okay, maybe snob is a better word. I was so deeply entrenched in my science fiction and horror that I never even considered anything beyond it.

The only reason I even bothered with Indiana in the first place was I loved the movies and the book's title had a supernatural bend to it. After the first few chapters, I was hooked. What people don't realize about the adventure genre is that it is actually more difficult to write than other genres. The opposite is true when bringing adventure to the screen.

Adventure stories are heavy in action, but how can you write action and still make it interesting. The prose of pulling out a gun or a car chase through the bustling streets of London isn't easy. It can become repetitive and banal unless the action is put together in a way that actually makes it part of the story and not just what's happening.