February 2012

The Disaster Story

There are a lot of ways that you can create adventure in a story, but one of the easiest convention and widely used it through the disaster scenario. Some cataclysmic event has happened or is about to happen and the hero and other characters must react.


The run the gambit from the mundane such as hurricanes, tornadoes and volcanoes to the more esoteric such as meteors and global events. You can get away with a simple adventure plot for stories that don't have an impact on a large area. Think of movies like Twister. Tornadoes only effect a small population, so you can concentrate more on the characters.

Can Adventure Stories Lead To Childhood Injuries?

I love telling my children adventure stories because it inspires them and the love hearing about how the hero beats the bad guy and saves the day. It doesn't matter if its Tarzan or Wolverine, adventure stories can be great for teaching about self esteem and making right and wrong decisions.


This past week, I discovered they can also cause a boo boo or two when children try and emulate their favorite adventure heroes. We all have heard the stories about the boy who thought he was Superman and tried to jump off the roof because he thought he could fly.

Can You Switch A Bourne Mid Franchise?

Jason Bourne is a literary franchise that has spawned books and movies, but in the latest incarnation we have become accustomed to Matt Damon kicking butt and taking names. The next film is called The Bourne Legacy and focuses on another operative and not Jason Bourne.


It was widely known that Damon wasn't interested in doing another Bourne movie, but Hollywood being the soul sucking beast that it is, had to keep the franchise going. When Damon wouldn't come back to reprise the iconic character, studio heads began think how they can continue it without him. This time around Jeremy Renner is kicking tail, but the question is will it work.

Bruce Campbell: God of Adventure

Bruce Campbell is just the kind of guy that you envision in every sarcastic adventure-type character you read about. Maybe it's his gruff, but funny demeanor or the square jaw, but Bruce Campbell has a long history in adventure.


He is most well known for his portrayal of Ash in the Evil Dead trilogy. When the original Evil Dead was first made, Campbell was a young man and just beginning his career. By the time Army of Darkness came out, Campbell was well into his career and had made a name for himself in the B-movie industry.