June 2012

Skippyjon Jones: Lost in Spice

This little cat’s adventures are great fun for any family.

Before you scoff over a cartoon Siamese cat who thinks he is a Chihuahua as an adventure, you need to pick up a copy of a Skippyjon Jones book immediately. For an even bigger adventure, I wholly recommend getting one of the books on tape/CD, as they are read with such gusto and fun that they’re not to be missed! Judy Schachner’s series is a favorite of many children, and I guarantee that countless adults find them just as much fun.

In Skippyjon Jones: Lost in Spice, Skippyjon—who believes he is a dog—decides to take an adventure in space. To make his big-boy bed into Mars, he must naturally head to the kitchen, “borrow” some spices, and turn everything a rusty, dusty red! His mother and sisters—with the adorable names Jilly Boo, Ju-Ju Bee, and Jezebel—are cooking dinner, but his mother still tells him not to sprinkle any red spices anywhere—which he promises not to do and promptly does anyway. Most kids can relate to this; so can most moms.